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Skating 101

The world of figure skating can be confusing to navigate if you don't know where to begin. Allow me to be your guide to learning the (many) rules of this sport and its culture. 

Each heading will take you to a new page with information on each subject. 

Skates, skates, skates! Learn more about skate maintenance, as well as rules for helmets, costumes, and practice attire. 

Skate Canada is the governing body in charge of all figure skating in Canada. Each and every skater is a member of Skate Canada, and they are progressing through the STARSkate program. 

Please click the above link to learn about the difference between private, semi-private, and group lessons. This link also contains information about what you can expect from me as a coach.

There is a certain ice etiquette all skaters must abide by while on the ice at our club. This page details that, as well as my expectations for all my skaters.

For anyone interested in competing (or not), check out this page for some FAQs.

The way skaters progress in Skate Canada's STARSkate programming is through testing. The above link provides details about testing fees, who administers tests, and test timelines.

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