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Skating is my passion!

Welcome to my website! My name is Alex Brown, and figure skating is the thing I'm most passionate about. I began my skating career with Skate Canada's CanSkate program in southern Ontario. After watching the older skaters on the session after mine practice their jumps and spins, I became determined to learn to do that as well!

Over the years, I accomplished many of my goals; I achieved my Gold Skills and Senior Silver Freeskate and Dance. In 2015 I earned my CanSkate coaching certification, and in 2018 I completed my Regional coach training, becoming certified in 2022. I am currently qualified to coach all disciplines in STAR 1-Gold, however my specialties lie in Freeskate and Skills. I continue my professional development annually through Skate Canada's e-learning site.

My favourite style of skating is classic and traditional - highlighting clean lines and well-executed elements. I believe a solid double axel integrated seamlessly into a program is much more appealing than a quad telegraphed from the other end of the ice! My coaching is influenced by my preference, and I instill high quality foundations in my skaters with an emphasis on carriage and aesthetics.

There are not many activities that combine athleticism, elegance, power, and artistry the way that figure skating does. I’m grateful to continue my participation in the sport via my coaching career, and I’m thankful for my skaters who make this possible!

My Coaching

A coach should be enthusiastic, welcoming, and attentive to their skaters in order to create a motivating environment. A coach should be encouraging and empowering while providing the necessary tools for their pupils to be successful. 

Coaches should not expect perfection from their students, and instead should advocate exploration. Making mistakes is the only way to learn!

While a coach's main duty is to teach technical skills, it is imperative that a coach model and help build intrapersonal skills as well, such as self-esteem and strong work ethic.

To be a figure skater is to be tenacious, disciplined, and graceful.
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