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Testing 101

So... why skate? To work toward a goal, of course!

Using Skate Canada's STARSkate program, skaters learn from me and then test their STAR levels in each Skills, Dance, and Freeskate Elements and Program discipline.

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What is a test? 

Tests are how skaters advance to the next STARSkate level. Tests are administered one level and one discipline at a time. During a test, the assessor will run through all elements on the testing sheet and will assess the skater to that STAR level's standard.

For STAR 1-5, tests may be completed on a regular skating session and the assessor may be the skater's club coach. For STAR 6-Gold, tests may only be completed on a designated test day and the assessor must be a qualified judge.


What can skaters test?

There are 11 STARSkate levels (STAR 1-10 and Gold), and four main disciplines (Skills, Dance, Freeskate Elements, Freeskate Program). Starting at STAR 5, there is also an Artistic discipline. Starting at STAR 4, there is also a Synchronized Skating discipline, but skaters must be part of a synchro team in order to learn and test this discipline. I do not offer synchro coaching.

I'm nervous about my test - what can I do?

It is perfectly normal to feel some anxiety about an upcoming test! Please remember that a test is just a chance to showcase your ability. A test also takes place at just one moment in time - maybe you're having a bad day, and your skating skills aren't as sharp as they usually are. Your result on that test on that day does not define you as a skater! It is merely a snapshot of your performance on that day.


 I do not recommend my skaters for a test unless I am confident that they are either ready to pass the test, or are in a headspace to receive formal feedback. 

Do skaters have to test?

Yes, I require all my skaters to work toward tests. This ensures that they are progressing in their skating career and always working toward a goal.

What is the process for testing?

My skaters and their families and I set testing goals. After I confirm that a skater is ready for a test, I will reach out to their family to let them know. 

There is a $12 fee for all tests that must be paid prior to the skater attempting the test. This is a processing fee that goes directly to Skate Canada, and not to me. This fee is paid regardless of a pass or re-try on the test.

This fee may be paid via cash, cheque made out to Flamboro Skating Club, or e-transfer sent to with a detailed message with the skater's first and last name, my name, and the name of the test (i.e., STAR 4 Freeskate Elements).

The assessor completes the testing sheet (see below), and submits the top portion to the club's Test Chair for them to submit to Skate Canada.

Within each test, each element is graded based on certain criteria.

The standards to which each element is assessed for each criteria is set by Skate Canada. A performance example is marked as either a Bronze (not meeting standard), a Silver (meeting standard), or a Gold (exceeding standard).

Standards differ at each STAR level.

The best resource to use if you are unsure of a skater's performance example is to cross check with this Skate Canada YouTube channel called the Skate Canada Development Video Library.

In the video library, you may explore Bronze, Silver, and Gold performance examples for each element across all disciplines. 

Test Sheet Example

Click below to view the 2023/2024 STAR 4 Freeskate Elements testing sheet.

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