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Sessions and  the Skater's Role

This page goes into more detail than the Current Students page regarding rules and expectations on the ice. 

Skaters, please review this page a few times per season so the expectations stay fresh in your mind!



Warm Up

Ideally, skaters will have completed an off-ice warm up prior to taking the ice. Regardless, on-ice warm up should take 5 minutes.

When skaters first take the ice, they should start by stroking (in figure form), doing sculling, slaloms, etc., and then running through each of their jumps and spins one time.

This should only take 5 minutes so that skaters have plenty of time to practice their elements throughout the session.



Skaters, if you don't know where to start with practicing on your own, follow this format:

1) Work on each discipline (Skills, Dance, Freeskate elements, Freeskate program) for 10-15 minutes.

2) Run through each element in each discipline 5-10 times. Recall tips and tricks given to you in lessons.

You can work with a partner during this time! Just be sure you are getting the most out of your session.


Check my binder if you are unsure of what you should be working on.


Remember, it is your responsibility to practice your elements.


Ice Ettiquette

- Move out of the way of a skater doing their solo with music.

- Move out of the way of a skater doing a dance with music.

- Move out of the way of a skater in a lesson with a coach.

- Share the ice with all other skaters on the ice (e.g., do not attempt to jump nearby a skater that is in the middle of a spin)

- After falling, stand up IMMEDIATELY to avoid collisions.

- Be sure to clear the ice as soon as your session is over.

Skater's Role

Expectations for My Skaters

When I agree to work with a skater, I have a set of expectations that the skater must follow in order to get the most out of our working relationship. 

My skaters must arrive to the rink with respect and a good attitude. Specifically, this means being pleasant and kind to all other skaters and coaches on the ice, and bringing their best self to each lesson with me. Bad days happen - I get it!!! But with a baseline level of respect and perseverance, we can work through sour moods together to ensure all skaters have a good time on the ice.

My skaters are also in charge of their practice time. There will be no progress without consistent practice. Skaters must make diligent use of all their time on the ice and practice elements in each Dance, Freeskate, and Skills discipline if they want to improve and move up STAR levels.

Skaters: refer to your page on prior to taking the ice to refresh your memory of the STAR levels you are working on. Skaters may also use my binder at any time to search for the elements within each discipline's STAR level.

I will never punish my skaters for falling short of expectations, but please note that your success depends on how much effort you are willing to put into your development.

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