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Competing 101

Competitions are one aspect of figure skating. As one of my skaters, competitions are by no means mandatory, but rather are encouraged to motivate skaters and introduce the concept of self-improvement.

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What is a STARSkate competition? 

STARSkate competitions are opportunities for skaters to perform in front of an audience and against other skaters. They are marked by Skate Ontario judges. Besides testing, competitions are a way for skaters to hear feedback from a third party about their skating skills. 

In STAR 1-4 competitions, skaters are ranked only against themselves, but in STAR Provincial Series competitions, skaters are ranked against each other.

Skaters may compete STAR 1-2 Freeskate elements, or STAR 2+ Freeskate Programs, or STAR 2+ Dance, depending on the event. Most events are held over a weekend.

What are the benefits of competitions?

Competitions are beneficial because they are a chance for a skater to hear feedback from an unbiased third party (i.e., an event judge). They are also a safe way to introduce intrinsically motivated competition and the ability to work through performance anxiety. The atmosphere of competitions, from the hair to the costumes, can be lots of fun for skaters, too!

Do skaters have to compete?

No, skaters do not have to compete. As a STARSkate coach, I can make myself available for competitions if skaters are interested in taking part, but no one is obligated to compete.

Where and how can I register for competitions?

Competitions (aka Events) are run through Skate Ontario. Parents must visit (Events), and check in with me for my availability before registering. While parents complete skater registration, coaches upload all music.

There is a fee when registering for competitions (ranging from $50-$100), and I also charge my hourly rate plus mileage for my attendance.

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