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Off Ice Activities

While we practice our skating skills on the ice, much of our training happens on dry land. Off ice refers to stretches, workouts, and exercises skaters can do to further improve.

Off ice activities are optional, but strongly recommended as a supplement to skating.

Listen to Your Body!

On the ice, we always talk about building our mind-body connection

This means that we must consciously link the feelings we get in our body to what is going on in our thoughts.

We practice building this connection by recognizing and then naming the feelings we get in our body.


It is also good practice to focus where we feel certain feelings in our body. For example, where do you feel happiness in your body?

When completing off ice training, think about your mind-body connection and do not push yourself past your body's limits. 


In order to prevent injury, skaters should always warm up their bodies by stretching before stepping onto the ice.


Stretching after skating promotes flexibility and is a good opportunity to strengthen the mind-body connection.

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